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5/9 Joy Restoration for Women
Tue, May 09, 2017 6:00PM to 7:30PM (Eastern)
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Joy Restoration and Divine Feminine Power for Women
Tuesday, May 9th 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Donna Cassity, RN, MDiv. Health Coach and Spiritual Mentor
 Lindsay Gibson BA, Pre and Post Natal Health and Spiritual Coach
Why do women need Joy Restoration and Reclaim their Feminine Power?  
The world needs healing and the woman is best designed to heal others because divine feminine power is about love.  Love is the power that heals the world we live in and this is a woman’s birthright. She is designed to love and give nurture to the world around her.  This is the positive faith and healing that births a stronger generation that can heal others who engage and are influenced by her.
50 million people in the US are likely suffering from grief due to loss at any one time. Over half are women.  It takes 5 to 8 years to overcome major loss and function as one did prior to loss.  Wrong thinking about grief has led to unneeded suffering and myths have perpetuated.  Grief can originate from many things in a woman’s life from divorce, financial loss, job transitions, relationship breakups, loss of health and losing a baby or child.  Grief also comes from miscarriage and inability to get pregnant. 
The CDC reports that an estimated  10-15% of pregnant women will suffer from postpartum depression.  That number is probably not accurate when you consider that many women do not report their grief A more accurate number each year might be approximately 950,000 women are suffering postpartum depression.
Post- menopausal women also suffer from depression because of the many changes in their bodies and loss of fertility and the empty nest.   Women suffer from silent grief.  We now know that unprocessed sadness can lead to postpartum depression, long term depression and increased stress that can greatly affect a woman’s health.  Our thoughts and emotions are powerful enough to make us sick.
In both of these transforming years of a woman’s life, she may suffer from a sense of loss in her own body, mind and spirit leading to chronic grief.  Whether she is in the fertility years, pre or post- menopausal, women need to find empowering ways to restore their balance, sense of purpose and take back their joy.
The chronic health effects of grief in women include:
Loss of interest in things that once interested them.
Relationship difficulties.
Increased stress and immunity issues, heart problems, digestive problems
Loss of sexual pleasure.
Inability to focus, foggy.
Weight gain and poor nutrition.
Lack of motivation and meaning in life
Chronic illness of all kinds
Grief can come from loss, trauma or the day to day disappointments.  Unprocessed grief can lead to health problems, excessive fear, overreacting and anxiety.  We literally hold grief in our bodies and block the Spirit and higher energy from helping us progress and heal. 
Who should come?
Women who are seeking help to discover their Divine feminine power and restore happiness and joy after loss and prolonged grief. 
What will we cover in the 90 minutes together?
Stages of grief we get stuck
Myths about grief, loss and disappointment
Reasons for grief and making a conscious choice for joy
Clearing negative emotions and thoughts
Effects of stress in your body, mind and spirit
Discussion and Questions
“Are You Ready to take Back Your Joy?” 
Benefits of Reclaiming Divine Feminine Power and Joy:
Better able to express love, healing, kindness, generosity, sexuality and power without feeling drained or depleted. 
Find their true purpose in life and new meaning from loss and grief.
Have more physical and emotional energy and passion in life.
Have the tools necessary to find joy in each day.
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